Dinner at The Shortmarket Club

The Shortmarket Club

We are always looking for new restaurants to try, so when we heard that the much anticipated Shortmarket Club had finally opened their doors, we immediately booked for dinner. The restaurant is in Shortmarket street (hence the name) right next to House of Machines and Outrage of Modesty (which are both great spots to go for an after dinner drink)

The Shortmarket Club

We were greeted at the front door by a very friendly doorman, who showed us up the stairs where we met another friendly face who showed us into the dining area and to our table. We just loved the interiors, with a vintage, gentleman’s club kind of feel. There is an amazing work of art by Mark Rautenbach, which creates a feature wall at the back of the restaurant – see below.

The Shortmarket Club

We were served some delicious bread and butter (which arrives on a beautiful vintage trolly) and some yummy cocktails, while we waited for our starter – the Crispy Octopus which came with Green mango Atchar, sesame tamarind dressing and bonito flakes (which are prawn flavoured flakes that sort of move and dance around on the plate) It was delicious!


We then ordered some wine from their wine list (it’s not cheap, but so many great wines to choose from). For our mains, we tried the Chestnut and Fynbos Roasted Petit Poussin, the bird is roasted and then smoked on the Fynbos & chestnut husks, which they bring to your table to see, before they serve it. We also tried the Chalmar fillet, which was the most tender meat I have ever eaten, it is served with a choice of side, we tried the potato churros which are crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the inside.

The Shortmarket Club Petit Poussin

And then of course we saved place for dessert (The Blondes favourite part of any meal) and this too did not disappoint. We had the Rhubarb Mess and Caramelised Lemon Tart, both were the perfect size and sweetness to satisfy the taste buds.

The service at the Sharemarket club is amazing, our wine was kept topped up and the staff were all very friendly and attentive. We enjoyed our dinner experience so much that we went back 2 weeks later for breakfast, where we tried the egg and soldiers (a double portion), Asparagus with poached egg and the Scotch egg.

I know they do encourage walk-ins, but to make sure you are not left disappointed, I would rather book on their very easy to use website.

The Shortmarket Club Breakfast

Our bill for dinner came to about R500 per person, bearing in mind we had 3 bottles of wine between 4 of us and shared starters and dessert between two people.


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