What should you pack for a day hike?

A Blonde and a Beard

When we go hiking on the mountain in Cape Town, we always pack a day pack with a few essential items. We have come up with this list along the years so that we are now prepared for almost anything Β πŸ™‚

A Blonde and a Beard

  1. Water/hydration – this is probably the most important thing to pack, especially in hot summer months
  2. Comfortable shoesΒ – ok obviously this is something you wear and not pack in your backpack, but we thought it was a good idea to mention this as we so often see people hiking in the wrong shoes. We suggest wearing something comfortable, maybe a pair of shoes you would go running in or do sports in. Because we do a lot of hiking, we both bought ourselves some trail shoes, Adidas AX2 Β (Yes, almost matching, makes us a bit sick too πŸ™‚ ) We are both very happy with the shoes and theyΒ are not bad looking for hiking shoes
  3. Something warmΒ – rain jacket, windbreaker, sweater, here in Cape Town the weather can change so quickly, especially when on top of the mountain
  4. Sun protection – this being sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, we love the TechniBlock Clear Sports Gel SPF 50, because it’s non-greasy and water resistant, so no running into the eyes and no sticky feeling
  5. First Aid Kit – we always take a small firs aid kit with us containing the following
    1. Adhesive bandages
    2. Plasters in various sizes
    3. Antiseptic wipes
    4. Antibacterial or Antiseptic ointment
    5. Tissues
    6. Ibuprofen or other pain-relief medication
    7. Antihistamine to treat allergic reactions
    8. Rehidrat sachet – because you never know when you may need this, we have been on hikes that have taken longer than planned and this came in really handy!
    9. Safety pins
  6. Snacks/Food – For snacks, we like to pack RushBar’s because they are made with all natural ingredients and give you the fuel you need to keep on hiking. Sometimes we also pack something for a picnic lunch along the way, depending on the time of day that we set out.
  7. Matches/Lighter – We have yet to use this, but as we said in the beginning, prepared for almost anything!
  8. A Sarong – this can be used as a towel after a swim, a picnic blanket, a shawl to keep warm or even a scarf

Optional extras, but always a must for us

  1. Camera – We always pack the GoPro, which we love for selfies and the fact that you are able to set it up for a photo and use a remote control (or your phone) to take the photo, it’s like having your own photographer with you.
  2. Mobile phone – for photos of your hike, this can also be used should you end up walking in the dark. Just remember to make sure the battery is fully charged before you leave, or better yet, pack a power bank

Happy Hiking πŸ™‚



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