Camping comfortably – A complete list of what you need

Everything you need to make your next camping trip a comfortable one!

Coolendel Camping

When we moved to Australia, we were advised by the shipping company not to ship over our camping gear (Australia has strict rules about shipping things over that may have dirt, plant matter or bugs on/in it). This meant we needed to buy a whole new set of camping gear. So, we sat down and carefully considered what we needed for camping comfortably yet keeping it simple.

We found a great online store when searching for camping gear, called Snowys. Their prices were really good and often a lot cheaper than anywhere else. You will see in our list below, that we bought quite a bit of Coleman equipment and have found that the quality is really good and the products seem well made.

Our list of what you need for camping comfortably:

The Furniture

Coolendel Camping

Tent  –  We chose the Coleman Instant Up 4 man tent. It literally takes 2 minutes to set up and anyone could do it. Taking it down takes a couple of minutes longer but is also super easy. For 2 people we recommend at least a 4 man tent of any make.

When considering what tent to buy, think about the following: something sturdy, something that will handle a bit of rain and something that will last – you might need to spend a bit more money to get something like this but it will be worth it in the long run (also keep a look out for sales).

Camping Chairs  –  Buy something sturdy and comfortable. Rather spend a bit more money on a chair that will last, and that is comfortable to relax in whether reading, eating dinner or relaxing around the campfire. We bought the Coleman Deluxe Cooler Chairs and they met all our criteria and have a nifty little cooler box on the arm for keeping drinks chilled.

Camping Table  –  Consider how much space you will need to prepare food, wash dishes, eat dinner and pour drinks. There are many different table sizes and designs available, so it all depends on what you need. There is a huge selection of easy to fold-up, steady tables of all makes and sizes.

After much hunting and testing, we chose the Coleman Deluxe Utility Table, which we are mostly happy with, it has two height options and is easy to clean. The only complaint we have it that it’s a bit tough for one person to fold down the legs on their own. Maybe we just need to get the hang of it.

Mattress  –  We think this is a personal choice and all depends on how comfortable you want to be. There are a couple of options out there – stretcher type bed, a blowup mattress or sleeping mats, which can either be self-inflating thin mats or something like a yoga mat.

For us, we wanted something high off the ground (we figured this might save us from a few creepy crawlies) and something that folded up small. So we chose the Coleman Queen Double High Quick Bed (yes, Coleman again!)  To be honest, the first time we blew it up, we had no idea just how big it was, but it was really comfortable. It did however take up most of our tent and left little space for anything else in the tent. We should possibly have bought a double bed size for our 4 man tent. There are various options with or without a pump, but seen as we already had a pump that plugged into our vehicle, we bought the mattress that came without the pump.

Bedding  –  When we go camping we prefer to take blankets or a thin duvet rather than sleeping bags. This is just personal preference and a way to save a bit of money on more camping gear. We pack a fitted sheet that fits the bed, a thin duvet/dooner, a duvet cover and our pillows off our bed at home – some may call this glamping, we call it having a few creature comforts.

The Kitchen

Coolendel Camping

A quick list of what we bought with links to where we got them from

Coleman Wheeled Cooler 38L  –  We found it really handy to have wheels on the cooler especially when it’s filled with beer and wine. Click here to see it.

Pop up wash tub  –  This one folds down and pops up easily, great space saver

Single burner stove  –  This one screws onto a gas bottle

2kg or 4kg Gas bottle  –  (size dependant on your needs) – You can pick these up at most hardware stores

Fill a medium size plastic crate with all your kitchen utensils & equipment (we bought utensils & crockery especially for camping, which helps save time when packing & also saves you forgetting anything). Most of the utensils we bought from Kmart. Download our comprehensive camping list at the end of this article to see everything you might need to fill your kitchen crate.


Headlamp  –  This is an absolute must when camping, it is useful for reading at night, preparing and cooking dinner or walking to ablutions. With it being attached to your head, it frees up your hands for work. We just bought something simple and affordable and it does the job perfectly. Here is the one we bought.

Gas Lantern  –  Handy for having around the fire, the brightness of the light is also adjustable. We use the light on the same gas bottle that we use for cooking. Make sure you pack extra mantles incase one breaks. Here is the one we bought.

MPowered Luci Solar Lantern  –  We loved this light. We discovered it whilst browsing Snowys website – see our review of the product here. The light is great and safe to use inside your tent.

Nice to have, but not always essential

Coolendel Camping

Solar shower  –  We have found that quite a few remote campsites in Australia do not have ablution facilities, so this does come in handy. It is also great if the water source at the campsite is far away and you need hot water for washing dishes or even rinsing your feet before bed. Here is the one we bought.

Tarp  –  We like to peg down a tarp in front of our tent door, this gives you an area to dust off your feet before entering the tent.

Rubber mallet  –  Handy for hammering in tent pegs into hard ground

We like to be comfortable when we camp as we find it makes the whole experience just that bit more enjoyable. Let us know what your camping tips are. 

Download our Camping Checklist here.


Camping comfortably - What you need for camping


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