Sals Secret Spot & our top things to do in Uluwatu

We landed in Bali on Saka New Year’s Eve an evening of celebrations, street parades & excitement, this also meant that finding a taxi to take us to Uluwatu (about an hour drive from the airport) would prove difficult! After a bit of haggling, we eventually managed to find a taxi driver willing to drive us to our accommodation in Uluwatu. It was late and we were tired, but the excitement in the air was infectious and we just knew we were going to have another great holiday in Bali.

Sals Secret Spot-18

Eventually our taxi arrived at Sals Seceret Spot, somewhere we would call home for the next 3 days. We were greeted with big smiles by the friendly staff and were shown to our room just off the pool area. Fortunately for us the kitchen was still open so we headed straight to the lounge/restaurant area were we joined other guests at the huge dining table and instantly felt at home.

Sals Secret Spot is beautifully designed with clean white walls, private balconies, open-air bathrooms and a saltwater pool. Meals are eaten around the pool or at the communal table in the restaurant area. Sals Secret Spot is a small intimate resort where you will almost instantly feel comfortable and part of the family.

Sals Secret Spot Uluwatu

Sals Secret Spot-11

Sals Secret Spot-10

The day after New Years Eve in Bali is called Nypei Day, also known as day of seclusion. This means no one is allowed to leave their accommodation, locals and tourists alike. So we seized the opportunity and headed straight to the pool after breakfast (you MUST try the fruit pancakes, we still dream of them). This is where we spent the rest of the day, reading, eating, swimming and meeting fellow guests. When it came to dinner time, everyone gathered around the huge dinner table where we all ate together, chatted, played charades (even the staff joined in which was great fun) and had a really good evening! We couldn’t have thought of a better way or place to spend Nypei Day.

Sals Secret Spot-21

Sals Secret Spot-23

Sals Secret Spot-28

Sals Secret Spot-31

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Sals Secret Spot-2

Sals Secret Spot-1

The following day once we were “released” (Nyepi Day is observed from 06:00 – 06:00 the following morning) we hired a scooter up the road from Sals Secret Spot and went off into the sunrise to explore Uluwatu.

Sals Secret Spot-1-7

Sals Secret Spot-13

Here is a list of things we did and places we visited in Uluwatu area that we would recommend:

Sals Secret Spot-1-2

Sals Secret Spot-1-3

Thomas Beach:

Laze in the sun and take a dip in the sea at Thomas Beach – this is a quieter beach that not many people seem to know about.

Suluban Beach:

Sneak under the coral reef cave at Suluban Beach to get to the white sandy bay on the other side.

Padang Padang Beach:

Walk down through the limestone caves to get to Padang Padang Beach, where a scene from the movie Eat, Pray, Love was filmed. This seems to be one of the most popular beaches in the area, so make sure you go early!

Sua Espresso:

Lunch at Suka Espresso – suggested to us by the manager at Sals Secret Spot, a great street side restaurant with delicious food.

Bingin Beach:

Enjoy a sunset dinner on Bingin Beach (walking distance from Sals Secret Spot). Find yourself a front row table on the beach and sit with your feet in the sand whilst sipping on Bintangs. Choose your seafood from the cooler box (Eski) which is then cooked on the BBQ and brought to your table with complimentary delicious greens and rice.

Sals Secret Spot-14

Sals Secret Spot-1-10

Sals Secret Spot-1-9

Sals Secret Spot-1-8

Nula Bowl:

Have breakfast or brunch at Nula Bowl – they are pretty well know and they have a cute little outside seating area.

Sals Secret Spot-1-4

We loved our time in Uluwatu and our stay at Sals Secret Spot. This area of Bali is a great place to stay if you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet, close to beautiful beaches with clean water and white sand.

Book your stay at Sals Secret Spot here.


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  1. Looks absolutely stunning!


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